Which Sport Puts You On The Edge

14 Jan 2020

Hi Folks,

We are almost at the half of the first month in 2020 and many of us has got their grooves going. I woke up thinking of what sport get you on the edge and the first thought was football. I know someone is already saying “of course, it is football”, I don’t agree with you o.

“Many would argue that football is the only sport that puts you on the edge, but nahhh!”

Football may be the most popular sport in the world with huge following in almost every country of the world. A few times, I have been caught at the middle of football matches and truly, you would be tempted to agree with the multitude.

Let’s get personal with this, if you were alone and far away from the frenzy of the watching with friends or fans in a public place; then you will most likely see differently. So on Sunday, I found myself watching the fight Shawn Porter and Errol Spence JNR; I was literally dodging punches like I was right there on the ring all through the fight. I favored Errol Spence JNR for some reason, and the ferocious nature of Shawn Porter was one good reason for the meek at heart to throw their weights behind Spence JNR.

Watch the bout now and tell me if you were not moved to the edge:

Now don’t get me wrong, boxing just happens to be my new found love but you will agree with me that with car racing, wrestling or even horse racing could get you right at the edge of your seat.

So forgive my bias and check these goals in football out tell me your thoughts:

The comment section is open, please tell me what sport/s actually get you on the edge.

Sports or no sport however, please get on the edge to put a smile on someone’s face today and always.

I had a bunch of other experiences over the weekend but I am still thinking of which of them to share with you. Keep calm, I am certainly going to share something.


Ilupeju B