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  • YANGA!

    Dynamic, irreverent, effervescent, welcome to YANGA! – a general entertainment destination giving voice to Africa’s thriving diaspora. Echoing the continent’s bold and beautiful style, YANGA! brings Africa’s energy with content featuring its best entertainers, comedians and musicians. As spicy and varied as the continent’s cuisine, YANGA! offers a taste of home with positive and inspirational stories to celebrate the cultural richness and pride of Africa and its people

  • "Yanga" means self-pride and showing-off (in West African pidgin) and is an enthusiastic, positive, form of self-expression.

  • Regardless of gender or generation YANGA! has content that will resonate; delivering a wide range of entertainment programming from kids, women's interests and current affairs, to comedy and drama. YANGA! also offers international news from an African viewpoint.