Undermining the Power of Women; Aren’t We all Guilty

22 Mar 2022

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Hi Folks,

As we inch towards the year 2023; all manner of opinions from different characters have emanated, providing for the airwaves, social media platforms and beer parlors.

When you think remarkable leadership in recent times in our polity, names like the Dora Akunyili (late) and Mrs.Ngozi Ookonjo-Iweala readily come to mind and there are certainly many more. Abeg, support them; make them come out na.


The women are also talking and categorically stating who is best for the Nigerian people, mostly males; and by all means they have the right to do so. What baffles me is that I have not fallen upon any conversation by women rooting or talking about female presidency in Nigeria.

A number of women have proven their mettle and one would expect that there should be some level of push, save for if the women are working something out underground.

So the following two women have expressed interest in leading Nigeria to glory in 2023 and I dare say not much has been heard of them. Could it be because most political parties are yet to hold their primaries?

The female aspirants are below and they are doing fine in their chosen endeavors;

1. Patience Ndidi Key, aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), a Health Professional, Agile/Scrum Master, an entrepreneur, a strategist, an influencer, a philanthropist, and a Humanitarian. She is also the founder and CEO of P-Key Health Solutions Incorporated and a non-profit, Patience Key Foundation. She is currently serving as the Chairman/CEO Nigerians in Diaspora Chamber of Commerce, United States and Executive Director, NIDO Americas USA.

Patience Ndidi Key

2. Khadijah Okunnu-Lamidi Media Entrepreneur and Youth Development Advocate. She is known for her gender balance and youth development advocacy. She is the brain behind some social impact initiatives such as – Water Relief Nigeria, Help Our Youth (HOY), To Better Nigeria & Project: Bridge the Gap.

Khadijah Okunnu-Lamidi

Hopefully, the coming days will welcome more female aspirants; but it is worrisome that the media space is filled with news of their male counterparts. Am I the only one worried about this or is it our reality that is just playing out. Can we say it is too early to ask for these conversations?

A feminine advocacy friend of mine who spoke in anonymity said a female presidency is possible but Nigerians are slow to acceptance and require a lot of convincing and it doesn’t even have to do with the womenfolk alone. Look at all those young active men who have presented themselves to Nigerians; how far did they go?, she asked.

Nigerians need to be re-orientated and educated before we can see a change in this unfortunate trend, she added.

Some posited that the media hasn’t been fair to the female folks but I seriously disagree with such a position; rather, I’ll say handlers are not exploring their options right.

Whether the positions above are right or wrong, time will tell.

I spent the weekend running from state to state and ran into one of the most objective women in the course; I’ll share the gist some other time.

Remember to make someone smile today through your acts of kindness.


Ilupeju B