Travel Bans and the need for Africa to wake up

6 Dec 2021

Hi Folks,

That I had a restful weekend would be an understatement because I really did. Even my restless mind found a way to rest.

Ahead of the weekend, the news of Omicron and travel bans by some countries left my mind desiring much literally.

For instance, I personally have some scheduled meetings for which flight tickets and accomodation had been arranged for participants, the ban is an automatic suspension to that. Forget cancellation fees and the never ending trail of mails if a refund would happen soon.

Now, my meetings are truly a small fry in the entire scheme of things; let’s look at big corporations whose plans will be amended and shifted indefinitely.

This Omicron travel ban is definitely going to impact heavily on the bottom lines of many this year.

As a man about town, I had my ears filled with junks, logic, half truths and what have you.

A big question was raised and I would like your honest opinion; what would global response have been if Omicron had been discovered in the United States or any of the western countries?

With the world still struggling to recover from COVID-19 travel restrictions and lockdown of 2020, if care is not taken; the world might just be heading for a more devastating economic experience.

Sadly, Africa bears the big brunt of it all. As a continent that is yet to come to terms with all her natural resources, we have remained at the mercy of global economies for survival. One would expect that 2020 was the year of African turnaround, but I see no changes still.

Why is Africa not pushing for home grown remedies for Covid, Delta, Omicron or whatever nomenclature it comes with?

Can we not validate the remedies that abound locally and push to the world just the same way they push everything to us?

At least, trading in medical solutions will do Africa a world of good since most medicinal plants have a natural habitat here.

Seems we have waited too long on the world, it is that time that we wake up from our slumber.

I have my complete jabs as they advised, yet I can’t even travel 🤔

Anyway, adhere to all protocols and stay stay safe.


Ilupeju B