The revolution might just be coming from the kids

16 Jun 2023

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This is not a weekly round up but the events of this week is something to think or talk about.

As we have the rising of creative kids across the world, so are we having the downfall of corrupt grow ups or maybe elders.

Tinubu is sticking to his guns of renewed hope and there is this young lad who is gradually paving the way for his peers on the path of destiny.

My first encounter with Fiyinfoluwa Asenuga was on Niyi Akinmolayan’s Twitter handle. Where he announced 9 year old Fiyin as one of the star actors in the adventure film “Mikolo”.

Then I stumbled upon his book, titled “Madisa and the Runaway Cat”.

Here is a little about Fiyinfoluwa and what he is about;

Fiyinfoluwa is a nine-year-old student in fourth grade.  He is born to the family of Mr & Mrs. Asenuga.

Fiyinfoluwa Asenuga

He is a young actor, Animal/Human Storyteller, Researcher & Speaker, passionate about animals and the moral lessons from their lifestyles.

He recently launched a reading and acting project for children called Read and Act with Fiyin

His vision in life is to see children live rightly according to the principles of God and wisdom learned from people, animals’ characteristics, and lifestyles.

Madisa and the Runaway Cat

‘Madisa and the runaway cat’ is a book born out of a 9-year-old curiosity about animals’ lifestyles and what humans can learn from them.

It is a very educative storybook for children. The storyline, set of questions at the end of each chapter, meaning of difficult words & the vital information revealed about cats at the tail end of the book makes it a good read to teach anyone endurance, respect, understanding of others, patience, repentance, tolerance and also to promote deep love for research.

More about Fiyinfoluwa can be found on Instagram, Facebook & youtube – @fiyinsaysyoucan.

The bit I know about this young chap reaffirms my hope of a better world where morals count.

Meanwhile, let me run in search of the tales of sack and suspension.

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