Stormy Election Fights

7 Mar 2019

Lagos gets a fair share of rain, the weather forecasts said so but the child in me refused to accept it. I have tried to resist discussing politics but somehow, the affairs of state always find a way to engage me. I left the studio to  catch a bus when the rain suddenly began pouring, forcing me to take shelter at a vendor’s stand. The vendor while providing me shelter began to voice his opinions on the outcome of the Presidential election.

You may find it difficult to believe that Nigerians are still at war over Buhari/Atiku debates, well… they are.

I wonder why any right thinking person would vote in a lifeless man to rule this great country?

I heard the man in red say while I was sheltering at the vendor’s stand.   I always knew he had some fire in him I thought to myself. As if from another realm, his voice rang through the blasts of the heavy rain hitting the vendor’s shelf, sonorous enough for us all to hear; “So we still have animals that are yet to recover from this fever, even now that humans are moving on to the next level”, said the tiny man dressed in an Ankara shirt and trousers.   I was afraid for him for a moment. The man in red was furious, he barked at the tiny man, “You must be a bastard for sticking that your dirty mouth in my discussion”; your papa na bastard he replied. In a matter of seconds, they were upon each other sending us all out into the rain.   By the time we pulled them free, the fisticuffs had produced some blood.  Don’t bother about whose it was. Guys, all you need is a little civility and I then left them to continue their discussion with the crowd of judges who had gathered to watch the show of shame. I walked home all wet from the rain asking myself, “What will this politics turn my people into?”

From the look of things, this coming Saturday’s polls may not be as tense as the Presidential polls as major stakeholders have been holding meetings at different levels and continually reassuring the electorates of their safety on Election Day.

My mind is focused on what the outcome of the elections may look like.   Will people vote in individuals or a party? We have known votes to follow the direction of the presidential polls, but recent developments have seen members of parties campaigning for another party shows that it may not be business as usual. What are your thoughts; agree or disagree? Please leave your comments below.

Please remember to make someone happy today, wherever your quest may take you.



Ilupeju B