Rhoda Wilson’s “Christmas With The King” Comes YANGA TV on Dec 25

22 Dec 2020

Rhoda Wilson’s Film ‘Christmas with The King’ comes to Yanga TV to inspire all, young and adult with life lessons and superb entertainment.

With the current state of affairs in the world, ‘Christmas with the King: A Journey of Hope’ will inspiring audiences of all ages at this time.

Filmmaker, Rhoda Wilson has captured what it is like to live with challenges and face hardships in an adventurous style that will keep even the little ones engaged.

“This movie is special to my heart. I wanted to do something that had a solid storyline but also had a subtle lesson for my young audience to absorb.

It is challenging as a filmmaker to appeal to a younger audience because they have shorter attention spans.

My team and I had to approach this project knowing we had to be more animated and expressive and really translate through the movie to meet our audience.

We did this and we found that even adults are loving the movie,” said Rhoda Wilson.

The filmmaker offers special thanks to the Iowa High School Music Association, in the USA for their rendition of “Noel” composed by Brad Holmes which was used in the movie.

An intro to the movie ‘Christmas with the King: A Journey of Hope’:

Queen Atere, Queen of Zirewan Kingdom, must find her sister before Christmas. The King reassures her and send out more warriors to find her sister.

Meanwhile, the crisis at the far end of Zirewan Kingdom was to bring Rume and Mandisa the status of heroines when they escape the big house, a grim place, to search for help at the palace based on a story once told to Rume by her deceased mother.

Will the two heroines make it?

Will the Queen find her sister in time for Christmas?

Watch “Christmas with the King” This Christmas day on YANGA via Sky 186, Freesat 171, Freeview 264, Vision 247 reaching 14m households online through YANGATV.COM