Meet the Presenter: Gbemisola Isimi

18 Jan 2018

Gbemi is an online broadcaster of educational, culturally relevant, children’s content for children of African heritage.  She stumbled on the need for such content, when she wanted to teach her two young children Yoruba and found there was nothing available to assist her in the endeavour. So, she thought of imaginative ways to do this and ended up translating her children’s favourite nursery rhymes into Yoruba, enabling them to relate to the meanings of the words through familiar songs. She had these rhymes animated and the videos became very popular on her YouTube channel ‘CultureTreeTV’. They are now distributed across the UK and Africa. Gbemi has a passion for preserving her heritage and believes children should be proud of and excited by their culture. She is on a mission to help parents culturally engage their children, in an exciting and entertaining way.

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