Visiting My Plantation

9 Oct 2018

Hi Folks,

No week has had political talk this year in Nigeria as all the parties were busy electing their candidates for different offices ahead of the different positions. Intrigues, complaints and bickering was all over the news, information that you’d never ever hear of was uprooted in the name of countering this or that candidate. In the end, the best and highest bidders emerged as candidates in most of the parties.

Two things have been taking the most of my time lately, I am either thinking about the farm or an event to attend. I decided to visit my pilot Cassava farm last Saturday, I had chosen Cassava for this project as it requires less attention and often gives a higher yield. I felt good seeing how tall and green the plantation had become. Agriculture is one of the major revenue sources in Africa but for some reason, people are moving away from it, I am still trying to find out why.

I had enough time stop by to see the turnout for Lagos Digital Marketing Training 4.0, the host had insisted that I attend as a past facilitator. Industry players like Folake Steaze Johnson, Elsie Uvie, Shola Animashaun, Pamilerin Adegoke and bunch of others facilitated. The training was a bumper pack, considering the diversity of the areas covered, it was an eye opener as each of the facilitators have devised unique ways of plying their trade.

And Sunday was fun, my friend Tessy Jibodu was celebrating the seventh year of her fashion school, Zaris Fashion Academy. The event doubled as a graduation ceremony which had the graduating students showcase their designs. Supported by the Bank of Industry and a host of others, the graduates exhibited designs ranging from corporate, casual, sleep and sportswear. The creativity expressed in the designs, sincerely defies the six months duration of the training. Food took backstage and waited till the end of the exhibitions. The setting was buffet and featured both continental and local dishes. My first course was rice and plenty of green pepper, yeah it was absurd, everyone in line warned me of an impending attack to my tongue, I laughed it off. Green pepper is spicy but never as spicy as it’s red and black sisters.

As I traveled back home, I had a wrestler (literarily speaking) lady join me for a ride, I met her at one of those rare incidences Lagos offers her residents. She was busy plummeting a sturdy and rough looking young man. The sturdy guy, said to be the bus conductor, had resorted to verbal attacks on the beautiful lady because she offered a high denomination note which would mean more work and delay for the conductor. He had mistakenly brushed her hand, leading to a resounding slap from the lady. It was a funny sight to behold, as a national peace advocate, I pleaded with the to let go and she yielded. It turned out that the ‘wrestler lady’ is a pharmacist, she is already recommending muscle building supplements for me. Take away, never underestimate the power of a lady.

The drums are gathering already for Felabration 2018, Lagos will be receiving lovers of Fela Anikulapo Kuti soon. If you can make it to attend, I’d be glad to host you, else, just chill as I’ll share some of the high moments with you.

Never leave for tomorrow, what you can do today. Enjoy the rest of the week.


Ilupeju B