Sometimes, you Need to Break some Laws to set Things Right

30 Jan 2019

Hi Folks,

Trust you had a great start to your week.  I had quite an adventurous week myself, taking some really silly risks but luckily escaping with no major sad stories. Most of my time was spent driving but through it, there was still room to talk some politics.

The suspension of Justice Onnoghen, the Chief Justice of Nigeria, was the trending topic. Many posited that his removal was an illegality of the highest order. As for me: I stand with Buhari on this. The events surrounding the CJN’s case would have made a bigger mess of us as a nation. Sometimes, you need to break some laws to set things right. The CJN wrote confessional statements which indicates that he is clearly unfit for the bench, yet he refuses to step aside. What would you do if you were President Muhammadu Buhari?

While I was chilling about town, I happened upon a shocking story about a man who sent his wife packing because of her unwavering support for President Buhari. Abdullahi Yadau from Plateau state sent his wife Hafsat Suleiman away after horrendously beating her for not agreeing with him to support another candidate. I never knew partisanship could be so life threatingly dangerous, the times are indeed perilous.

Tuesday, I joined Femi Odukoya and Tunde Owoeye for another edition of the radio program  ‘Brands and Consumers’ to discuss some unbranded local products which have stood the test of time. “Ewa aganyin”, a local brand of cooked beans was the opening item. It was so interesting that we continued the discussion  off air when the 30 minutes show time elapsed. After all the fun, I got in the car with hopes of getting safely home in less than 20 minutes. Unfortunately, it was not the case, when my engine shut down along the most dreaded part of my route. Luckily, I was not alone, Femi Ladiran was with me and so we got out of the car to check what the problem was. After extensive efforts and a memory of the consequences of being attacked on the lonely bridge in the dead of the night, we rapidly took to our heels and left the car for what tomorrow had in store. The walk home was long and tiring but it was a better option than the risk of being battered by some night marauders. The next day, we returned to the spot to find a burgled car.   The thieves had broken in through the front passenger window and made away with my one terabyte external hard drive. In a matter of minutes, the auto-engineer had discovered and fixed the problem.

Saturday, I headed out to see a group of athletes run with several litres of water on their heads to raise funds to provide healthy and safe drinking water for Nigerian communities. Hope Spring Water Nigeria and AnAwake came together for the event for the benefit of various water projects across Nigeria. It is estimated that kids spend an average of at least five hours daily in search of drinkable water.

There were several races included 400m, 800m, 5000 and 10000m with both professional and non-professional athletes competing.

Thank you to Hameedat Balogun, Chair of the organising committee, Temple and Charlie Christensen, the chance to see this run. The organisers indeed put smiles on the faces of those kids who converged at the Police College, Ikeja. Remember to make someone smile, wherever, whenever. UnTil next week when I write to you again, be the best you can ever be.


Ilupeju B