Jagun Jagun more than just an epic

13 Aug 2023

Hi Folks,

It’s been a season of distorted narratives on the Western coast of Africa, no thanks to the recent coup d’etat in Niger Republic.

The coup couldn’t have come at a worst time in life of the West African people. Anyway, this is gist for another time.

Movie maker Femi Adebayo has brought succour to the people, especially Nigerians who have not had much to talk about besides the dwindling economy and most recently the Niger Republic coup.

You might want to ask what the connection between the movie Jagun Jagun and the coup in Niger Republic have in common; quite a bit actually.

First, Jagun Jagun is about power and the quest for vengeance; simply put. Gbotija, a young man determined to become a mighty warrior joins an elite army, encountering the wrath of a maniacal warlord, Ogundiji and the love of a woman, Iroyinogunkiitan.

Gbotija, the lead character in this Femi Adebayo flick, was fed up with the oppression being meted out to his people by the all power ruling class who came together for all sorts of reason and aided by the almighty warlord, Ogundiji.

The story reflects the everyday challenge of a young Nigerian, confronted with the different challenges of survival in a country with abundance.

Beyond the connection to the regular young person, the story takes us back in time in the art of warfare, culture and the beautiful fashion of the Yoruba people of West Africa.

The movie shows us the behind the scenes of leadership which may not be too different from the intrigues that we see today in diplomatic arenas.

The writer might have cleverly injected messages for our present day leaders who often get carried away with the spoils of office and become deaf to the cries of their people.

The movie is sure to pass different messages to different folks but it is indeed a beautiful piece that should be watched by every movie lover.

Have you seen it yet? If yes, please share your thoughts about the movie.

See the trailer here.


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Ilupeju B