Could we have created these monsters without knowing it?

22 Mar 2021

Hi Folks,

The argument that monsters are created can no longer be swept under the carpet, you are allowed to agree or disagree.

Lest I forget, greetings to you; how are things at your end?

The subject is so worrisome that I forgot to salute, I am sure you will pardon me.

For almost two decades now my country Nigeria has been confronted with one form of banditry or the other and there is no region that can be exonerated from this.

A common denominator is the fact that all the avenues through which the youth is engaged are fast being taken out.

Jobs are scarce, sporting facilities are dilapidated, trading is no longer what it used to be; no thanks to declining purchasing power.

Many say it is the government, that is probably true to an extent but not in its entirety.

Parenting is nothing to write home about these days. Our kids are left in the hands of caregivers who know nothing next to caregiving.

Our kids are left to wonder without any guidance, while we are away in the field in search of daily bread.

The quest for financial gains has eroded all our moral values and some parents don’t even know where to draw the demarcation line. They behave any how in the presence of their kids.

Many exhibits such traits that will only encourage the child to embrace crime and immorality.

Typical Lagos gridlock

A few days back on the streets of Lagos, hoodlums attacked me in broad day light, there was heavy traffic and movement was rather slow.

They looked like they had just been released from a dungeon, wild like cats; “ẹfun wá lowo, ẹfun wá lọ́wọ́!“ meaning ” give us money, give us money”.

They banged hard at my windows, threatening to break it and make away with my mirrors.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any cash on me, so there was no way I could oblige them.

When they realized nothing was going to drop, they left me for greener pastures.

I met with at least four other such groups before I got out of that stretch. That was a set of monsters and we have them replicated across the country.

Sadly, they are from some homes; they have parents. Whether the parents gave them appropriate upbringing remains to be answered.

Now, the big issue is that while the government is battling terrorism at the national level; society is also breeding these new set who will eventually pick up arms and soon go into full scale peace disturbance.

What to do?

Parents should relearn parenting and impart the right knowledge in children.

Government should be sincere and politicians should quit the politics of money.

Let the rule of law prevail and find creative ways of engaging the youth.

I could go on, though some have opined that the current rise in criminality is in pursuit of 2023 general elections; we still like to have your thoughts on this subject. Did we really create these monsters?

Do have a productive week and remember to make someone smile today with your acts of kindness.


Ilupeju B