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  • Crazy, Lovely, Cool. Preview

    A coming-of-age TV series that takes a fond look at the lives, joys and struggles…

    DURATION: 01:01
  • Not My Type

    If at first you don't succeed, "try, try and try again!?"

    DURATION: 00:40
  • Crazy, Lovely, Cool Song

    Sing it!…"Crazy, Lovely and Cool!"

    DURATION: 00:44
  • Brains & Beauty

    Can Nkem convince Michael to be "crazy in love" with her new look?

    DURATION: 00:47
  • Transformation

    Ever wondered..."how do you turn water into wine?"

    DURATION: 00:40
  • President

    "Desperately seeking a president". Who's the best candidate to make the University of Eastern Nigeria…

    DURATION: 00:55
  • Beauty Coaches

    Nkem seeks to transform her look and she needs all the help she can get.…

    DURATION: 00:29
  • Dr Douglas

    Luciano gets "An 'A' for effort". Can he smooth talk his way back into a…

    DURATION: 00:55
  • Blog

    There's trouble at the University of Eastern Nigeria as shocking news spreads across campus. "The…

    DURATION: 00:34