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    Meet the Siyaya adventurers. They are on a mission to discover Africa's big 7 animals.

    DURATION: 00:37
  • Siyaya The Big 7

    Let's name the Big 7 animals in Africa. Join the Siyaya adventurers as they go…

    DURATION: 00:45
  • Turtle Taido Mr Lion

    Meet Mr Lion. Do you know what he eats for breakfast?

    DURATION: 00:46
  • Turtle Taido Parrot

    What bird can talk?...Is it a pigeon? An Eagle? Or a Parrot?

    DURATION: 00:59
  • Lola and Chuchu Minion

    Lola and Chuchu are searching for the Mamu spirits. Can this minion lead them to…

    DURATION: 00:22
  • Lola and Chuchu Rescue

    Lola an Chuchu use their superpowers to rescue their friend. What superpower would you have?

    DURATION: 00:56
  • Song Amina

    Let's clap along to this African song.

    DURATION: 00:25
  • Song Sola Pad

    Let's dance along to this African song.

    DURATION: 00:40