Chief Femi Fani Kayode – how not to fight a Woman 

11 Dec 2021

Hi folk,

I am still a little wozy from the fun of last night. I went out alone for a pre-wedding anniversary binge. My friends celebrated my 10th year in the business of marriage. Truly, staying in marriage through this perilous times is no joke.

Anyway, I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

I thought to charge your weekend a little with some men talk. My friend Edgar Joseph, friend to many and enemy to none; the one with what they call “bad mouth”, as they say in Naija. He shared a piece of advice with our big brother, one time minister for aviation in Nigeria, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode on his raging war with his ex-wife. Enjoy the gist in his own words abi na advice?

“I got a call from my friend and brother Chief Femi Kayode – Edgar I hope we are no longer fighting? He asked.


We had a falling out when he switched parties and words where said and since then I respect myself and stand one side.


I said no my brother and he said ok, pls I have sent you a statement kindly help use it. I said No problem


Then I read thru it and realised that the best thing I could do for my brother was to mute his statement and instead send out an appeal.


The Chief apparently pained at the latest obviously spurious allegation that he was not a man in bed had responded thru his lawyers with a vitriolic and bloody statement aimed at decapitating and destroying whatever was left of the reputation of his former wife.


Well I remember what my mother once told me as I was in full flight to physically attack my madam who had called my mother a prostitute amongst other unprintable names.


She had said,’ why do you want to beat up a woman who had opened her legs and give you three children. Are you the one she has called a prostitute?


That statement calmed me down and brought me to the realization that you can never win a fight against a woman talkless of one who had ‘opened her legs to give you children


Now whether those children were born though the insertion of a penis in her or thru a test tube doesn’t matter since they bare your name.


Truth is that a woman never holds back, doesn’t care about reputation or social standing or political positions once she is in full flight


Go and tap any five women butt on the street and see how Armageddon will descend on you.


You on the other hand as a man will fight with caution and as such u can never win that battle.


You may win the battle but you will never win the war. So going at her at her level is pouring mud on yourself and fighting her on her terms


She has said you can’t nack and in return another lady who to the best of our knowledge is not your wife has come out to say you are Dick Tiger


Now what does this do to your image than strengthen your reputation as a phillanderer giving your wife more brownie points over you.


My advise my dear brother is to pull out of this fight, give her whatever she wants and allow peace to reign.


Too many battles- Efcc, PDP, Wike and now Precious. How you sleep at night is of immense concern to me.


Precious to my best of knowledge should be ignored. A woman in that position will stop at nothing to destroy you.


If you can nack or not is nothing. Many times I have been accused of not being able to nack how that one removes anything from me I have not seen.


So my lord, let’s reduce this tension. The stress on you will be just too much.


Stop responding. Go to the court and say,’ My Lord this is the mother of my children, I once loved her but no longer love her but since she gave me children and for their sake, I will give her everything she wants and start life afresh


Think of those 4 lovely and very fine children. Think of the exposure to bullying and taunts you are exposing them to, all for what.


Please sir if Precious will not be mature and responsible then you should show the man that you are.


Let’s pull back we need all our energy to fight Wike.




Your brother


Duke of Shomolu”.

Now the advice might have been directed to FFK, but I think all men can make good use of it.

Remember to make someone smile today through your acts of kindness.


Ilupeju B