Apprehension as Nigeria heads to the polls

22 Feb 2023

Hi Folks,

Never at any point in my nearly 50 years of living in Nigeria, has there been so much tension in the country.

The forthcoming elections which has representation from all the 3 major tribes namely; Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba has been fingered as a major cause. Please note there many ethnicities under these, more that 300 if my memory serves me right.

If you have been in the country in the last 4 months, you will agree with me that Nigerians have have to contend with one trouble too many.

As Nigerians prepared for the end of the year festivities, they were greeted with unwarranted fuel scarcity. To cap it, the prices were increased; making it more difficult for the masses to purchase.

You can tell the ensuing pains that followed as price of commodities skyrocketed.

Did the naira redesign come before? I really can’t recall. The naira redesign brought the citizens to their knees and even as the presidential elections is upon us, matter of days, the scarcity of the naira may hinder some citizens from exercising their franchise.

Fears of where the victory might swing is rife, also the possibility of protests and riots may keep voters away from polling units.

The federal government of Nigeria has promised ballot snatchers to prepare for the hardest of times if they are bent on perpetrating their heinous tasks.

I can only implore you to advise your wards and relatives to stay away from crime and simply vote and maintain the peace.

Remember to make someone smile today through your acts of kindness.


Ilupeju B