Africa and the challenge of myopism

31 Mar 2021

Hi Folks,

Africa is top on my mind now for many reasons than one.

Every where you look in Africa, wealth stares you in the face yet, a large percentage of the populace wallow in poverty. Many opine that it is the result of years of misrule.

The best of African talents have left the shores of the continent with loads of greenery for greener pastures.

The abundance of mineral resources in Africa are being tapped and mined by foreigners.

Consecutive governments have continued to help the decline with their myopic approach to governance. They forget that governance is a continuum and would rather jettison projects by past administrations just to keep their own shine.

The failure of the people

The people have also failed in their followership role. We have become praise singers only, we hero-worship our leaders to the point of obsession and forget to point it out where they err.

If only we could change the way we view development and offer support to government. We may just be able to find our way and join the committee of nations where real developments hold sway.

Are you also battling the thought of African liberation? Please share your thoughts.

Remember to make someone smile today with your acts of kindness.

Happy holidays!


Ilupeju B