Abeokuta… The rock city

1 Dec 2022

Hi Folks,

It’s been a bit, feel free to blame. I have been carried away by the frenzy of Nigeria’s forthcoming elections.

I hit the road Wednesday in a quest to see the possible excitements the old city of Abeokuta has to offer.

Boy! There was much to enjoy and I dare say if you are looking excitement in the south west of Nigeria, the Rock City should top your list; especially if you are taking off from Lagos.

My trip was by road and shortly after I veered off the highway, I got to the Gateway City gate.

It was a beauty to behold, with the sprawling edifice holding the manufacturing activities of Nestlé Nigeria Plc.

Looked like the choice of color was an agreement between the Ogun State government and Nestlé plc.

The drive into town was smooth until fell into the waiting hands of the FRSC guys, they pulled me over, demanded to see my particulars and almost let me go, until they saw the mutilated sticker I had on as number plate. They said it was illegal, I argued and argued but they let me go after slamming me a ticket.

I left with gusto, a bit of bile in my mouth. The urge to try out a local meal crept up and I pulled up right next to the immigration office for a quick plate of ofada rice, two ponmo and one egg.

My colleague, Mrs. Olagbaye founder Africa Tourism Day and CEO Sayari Dunia Tourism Foundation arrived shortly after after missing her shot at the early morning train.

She felt the need to eat after a long journey, I promptly suggested amala and off we went to Madojutimi, a respected restaurant on Abiola way. I guess Abiola way is the longest way in the state.

Madojutimi’s Àmàlà got 75% on my rating. Would have been higher but I felt cheated by the small piece of meat that I was served. It was a good meal all the same.

I stopped at the Ministry of Tourism where we met Mrs. Peters for a brief chat and Mr. AbdRazaq who turned out to be our tour guide.

Let me add quickly, Ogun State folks are very hospitable people. We visited hotels, tourist centers and need I say it, restaurants.

Despite my repeated visits to the rock city, Wednesday was my first time at Olumo Rock.


No, I didn’t do the usual, I reserved it for the 17th of December as I will landing in the rock city from the beginning of the week.

I saw evidence of the electoral campaigns splashed all around the city, the queues for fuel was also not to our advantage.

Hopefully, the situation would have improved by the coming week.

Remember to make someone smile today.


Ilupeju B