2020: The Year that shook the world

31 Dec 2020

Hi Folks,

If I am to write all that is running through my mind about 2020 right now, it would probably run into thousands of words.

The year kicked off with so much hope and expectations. Our “Men of God” closed 2019 with predictions of a near perfect world.

Businesses were hopeful and then Covid-19 showed up and ran almost everything aground.

Interestingly, it spelt a boom for a bunch of businesses but it was doom for some others.

The advertising and media industry felt a bit more, the agricultural sector recorded a positive shift since we all need food to survive.

Let’s not heap all the blame on the villain, Covid-19; for Nigerians, there was the Endsars protests and the advent of bandits.

The protests has set Nigeria back in millions of naira while the losses from banditry continue unabated.

However, there are tons of lessons to be learned.

A major lesson for me is to avoid the culture of wastage as enshrined by Covid-19. Most events of 2020 was done mostly virtually with minimal expenditures, there is no reason why we should deviate so much from this.

The culture of savings and having reserves. The year 2020 has shown that those who set aside a percentage of their earnings were able to survive without struggle for more than a quarter of the lockdown period.

Even nations of the world had to go into their reserves to sustain the lives of their citizens.

The world embraced better hygiene practices as a measure towards preventing Covid-19 infection, now sanitizers and masks have found their way into the global fashion space.

What to do in 2021

Keep the hygiene game going, with more vigor in the new year.

Embrace the culture of saving a percentage of your income and avoid spending money on impulse.

There are so many more practices to embrace in the new year and only one or two has been highlighted here, please leave yours in the comment box below.

Remember also, to carry that culture of kindness into the new year.


Ilupeju B