What Does the Coming Days Hold?

4 Apr 2020

Hi Folks,

I believe you are keeping safe. I remain line of duty but keep myself out of the way of danger as much as possible. I am however worried by what the Coming days hold for us as humans.

Many are crying about the seemingly everlasting boredom while others are already cashing in on the compulsory holidays.

The world is, if not already in a recession, then it is on the brink of it. Many folks are already pondering on this and thinking of how to get by after the entire Covid-19 saga.

What to do

For those who have got the means, there are loads of trainings and courses online that could position you for better earnings and most of them don’t cost an arm and a leg.

For those of us with less disposable income, there are bunch of free course on the internet for us too. You search for free courses in your field of interest and probably advance it with a certificate when the funds are available.

There has been proliferation of fake news and half truths across the world, and folks who are supposedly bored are the ones who help to broadcast these.

How about energy redirection?

Redirecting the energy and time dissipated in spreading such half truths in writing about a subject of interest and publishing for sale online.

Saving that same energy for fact finding and blogging will equally bring some cool cash at a time like these.

Let me close with an update on how con men are cashing in on Covid-19. Trust men on the fast lane, as soon as various governments and agencies declared that they were offering relief funds and materials; our friends have gone to work.

Websites have been created or mirrored to deceive unsuspecting citizens and corner them into parting with their hard earned money.

Do not give your account information to anyone besides your bankers or constituted authorities. Please note that no bank will ask you for your BVN, PIN or password via telephone, thus avoid giving your personal information to strangers in the name of seeking help.

Remember to maintain good hygiene, avoid crowded spaces and stay safe.

Make someone smile today with your acts of kindness.


Ilupeju B