Tiwa Savage sends Twittans Cracking

18 Sep 2019

Hi Folks,

Wet wet weekend it was as most parts of Lagos and adjoining communities experienced long hours of downpours. Outdoor fun seekers didn’t find it funny at all but somehow, someway I sorted myself out.

My Saturday had a meeting and a parlour party scheduled, both in the Lekki area of Lagos, it was the kind of groove you never want to miss. Well… I missed the party funnily, the downpour started just as I got into my car and I knew it wasn’t going to an easy ride. My car air-conditioning system is still in a bad shape and with the heavy downpour, winding up my windows was mandatory; this is a sure way to get the glass all foggy thus blurring my vision. I pulled over for safety and ended up not going for the meeting and party.

My Saturday ended up at a soccer viewing center within the estate, the cold that followed the rains set me to bed early. I missed big time, according to the host’s message to me on Sunday morning. Anyways, I had my own little fun in the hood (Winks).

Tiwa Savage got Twitter users cracking when @williamserena5 asked her “who was richer between her and Wizkid”, she gave a hilarious answer. See below;

Some fans can ask question sha, if you were asked; who would you rate as having more bucks between the two?

Sunday morning started off being sunny, it was a relief at first but by the time it was 9a.m; the clouds had begun to gather. Please let this rain chill, my inner self prayed. The cloud remained heavy but the rain didn’t pour, I’m sure it was an answer to my prayers that held the rain.

By midday, I hit the road in order to arrive the venue of Orange Academy’s Art of Positive Thinking and 10th Annual Immersion at the Sheraton Hotels, Ikeja. As a member of the organizing Committee, I had to be there for the setup ahead of the main event. The event comes as a sort of homecoming for the Alumna of the academy, I had the opportunity of meeting some folks after another 365 days or so.

The event had brought major eggheads from the marketing communications industry together in celebration of the fresh graduates bursting with creative juices to be unleashed on the market. It was a show of creativity as there was Art, Fashion, Music and Theatre as the Academy came forth in her full elements.

Among those who excited me with their presence were Emeka Oparah, Director of Marketing Communications and CSR at Airtel, Qozim Olowu, Frankline Ozhekhome, Femi Odugbemi, Provost of the Academy, Bruno Ohiakhinan of Bruno’s Place and Ruth Onoha among others. Cultural Dance and Drama was by the energetic and brilliant Inside Art Production. Indeed, Orange Academy 10th Annual Immersion was filled with life, 2020 here we come!

It is still cloudy here but whatever the rain chooses to do this week, it is definitely going to be a productive week. Remember to make someone smile today no matter how wet it gets.



Ilupeju B