Tinubu: An icon at 70

29 Mar 2022

Hi Folks,

Accept my greetings in its purest form. The week hasn’t been so good for us in Nigeria as it has been from bad news to another; this not to say there hasn’t been pockets of positives in some quarters though.

The political circles had spent most of the past week getting ready to attend Asiwaju Bọlá Ahmed Tinubu’s 70th birthday colloquium.

The Colloquium, a rallying point of sorts for political big wigs, captains of industry and the diplomatic community; featured conversations centered around “Pivoting Nigeria towards a new world order and the importance of good governance”.

Tinubu’s birthday is beyond the regular camaraderie of fun that your every other birthday goes with; it has become a point of national reflection and course chatting event.

The man Tinubu, a resilient, courageous and determined nationalist has remained an enigma to both Nigerians and the world as he continues to delight with his intelligence and leadership style.

Loved by most and hated by many, Tinubu remains a household name. Now what you will most fascinating about this who has just clocked 70 is his forgiving nature.

Can I even pretend like I have not gossiped about his presidential ambition? Truth be told, I have joined conversations on why he should/shouldn’t run for the office of president in 2023.

Let me just wish BAT a happy platinum jubilee before I start another topic.

Since this just my own simple happy birthday message I won’t be able to touch on the encomiums showered on him from far and wide.

Remember to make someone smile today with your acts of kindness.


Ilupeju B