These gods are angry

3 Sep 2019

Hi Folks,

Another week took off really good, road construction and maintenance works are happening across Lagos; thus increasing travel time for most travelers.

While dealing with the hustle and bustle of the times, I came upon the video of two “egungun” (masquerades) engaged in a tussle somewhere in Nigeria. At first it seemed like some kind of ritual, until the one lifted the other and slammed him on the hard bitumen road. All was normal, but when the “eku”, the egungun’s costume of one was removed; revealing the identity of the man who was parading himself as a god, I knew it was some serious issue. Pundits have said, it was a sign of the times. See the video below:

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As above, so below. Share your thoughts. #whatwesee

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Sign of the times may be, but I think as above; so below. There is territorial war everywhere. What do you think?


Even as I was still recovering from the shock of the gods at war, the gist of the men of God who engaged in a fisticuff over preaching space right at the center of the market place in Kumasi came up. According to reports, trouble began when one of the preachers decided to mount his equipment at the exact spot where the other pastor usually sets up to deliver God’s message. The second man of God was visibly angry and one thing led to the other, until they ended up turning the situation into a wrestling bout. See video here;

People have gone ahead to condemn the action of both men saying they couldn’t have been there for evangelism because their action was purely against the message they proclaim. I am lost for word on this, what are your thoughts?

The two events above interestingly are hinged on two primary issues; namely, money and power. Not sure where these two will lead humanity, but if you were to decide; what would your decision on them be?

Let me run back to work now, the week is still very fresh. Have a great week and be sure to make someone smile today.


Ilupeju B