The scales are off, time to count the losses

24 Oct 2020

Hi Folks,

The scales are gradually falling off our eyes, many are regretting their actions; especially those hoodlums who went on a looting spree.

There have been blames and counter-blames, many are blaming the likes of Falz, Mr. Macaroni and the youth for being so adamant. I beg to disagree with that position. If anything, I’ll say the campaigners should have grabbed the negotiation offer by the Nigerian state.

In Nigeria, just like other parts of Africa, opportunists are always turning a good situation to bad.

There has been attacks on the person of DJ Switch, for sharing pictures of the events of 20/10/2020 at Lekki toll gate.

DJ Switch only shared what was true to her but unknown to many, her social media account was already duplicated and fake news was already being disseminated through the handle.

Speaking of the impact fake news on the protests, bad elements took advantage of the protests to spread gory images from the past as part of the brutality being meted to the protesters. Unfortunately, the situation was already tense and many wanted to be the first harbinger of those gory images. Thus, old videos went viral under the guise of current events.

If you care to know how terrible and damaging fake news is, go and see reports of the damages to life and property across Nigeria.

Many are also beginning to question the attacks or Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, investments that bore some semblance of Tinubu’s interest were attacked and destroyed; what has Tinubu got to do with this whole thing? they ask.

An audio, alleged to be the voice of the Biafra nation proponent, Nnamdi Kanu, was making the rounds. Observers opine that his arsonist message was a precursor to the attacks on Tinubu.

The damages across Lagos and other parts of the country have been put roughly at well over a trillion naira; unfortunately, the tax player’s money will bear the brunt. Monies that could have been put to other pressing use.

We need to start to think and do differently, we need to think before we act for if many of us had thought through, we probably wouldn’t be here counting our losses.

The scales are indeed off our eyes now and we are counting our losses.

Remember to make someone smile today with your acts of kindness.


Ilupeju B