The longest yet shortest week of my life

1 Feb 2021

Hi Folks,

It feels good to reconnect with you again after what seemed like forever. The feeling of a new month is also exciting, especially with the thoughts of St. Valentine’s day around the corner.

So it was literally the longest and shortest week of my life. My mother had fallen and broken her hip bone and became bedridden; I only just returned from a visit to her so I couldn’t travel immediately.

She held on to thoughts of a quick recovery that was uncommon with 90 year old.

I visited her two weeks after, and she looked better, though confined to the hospital bed we acquired for her convenience.

By the 4th week she was in depression, all sorts of therapists surfaced and we encouraged her to stay strong.

She kept calling for me to visit but the security situation in the country called for caution. She lost the zeal to live and gradually fell ill. Soon, she could not speak anymore and family member suggested a visit against all odds.

There were reports of banditry and kidnapping across the states that were my route to Kabba town but I summoned courage on 20th January 2021 and hit the road. I arrived safely and saw her in that retiring state.

She smiled a little but couldn’t say a word and the vigil began. She was in a state of limbo, neither awake nor sleeping.

I slept a little before 12 midnight and then the only word she uttered rang in my ears and jolted me awake. “Alhamdulilahi”, an Arabic word for praising God. I jumped up and I rushed to her bedside, hoping she’d say another. She never did.

Thursday 21st January 2021, she woke up looking a lot better. The nurses bathed and got her ready for another day. She fed better than yesterday and even left only one table spoon of pap. That was a good sign, she’ll probably do better later and speak to me. She never did.

Her blood pressure and sugar level were high and I considered a change of diet. We got oats and she didn’t even taste out of it as she passed away as the nurses made to feed her.

We cried, yes I cried but not quite. Before I had the task of ensuring that her last wishes were met.

I contacted everyone concerned and made sure she was buried same day according to Islamic rites. Then consultations followed. So my mother finally went to meet with her creator.

Did you hear that the service chiefs have been changed? Please pray for them to succeed.

Remember to make someone smile today through your acts of kindness.


Ilupeju B