The Balcony 3

The Balcony a heated debate show talking about the latest topics that are happening around the UK. Starring Sir 2xBobbi, Tra Ann, Kanivaoh, Imanny, Reaper and many more. 3rd Season of the hit online show with over a million views.

4 episodes available

Series 3

  • EP 4: The Balcony 3 Episode 04

    A big topic about if you were born a girl…

    19:14 Lifestyle
  • EP 3: The Balcony 3 Episode 03

    The chat hit home with the talk of George Floyd…

    19:14 Lifestyle
  • EP 2: The Balcony 3 Episode 02

    As the world we Live in now, we have a…

    21:37 Lifestyle
  • EP 1: The Balcony 3 Episode 01

    Treanna Brings back the group and welcomes them back after…

    21:37 Lifestyle