Should this Covid-19 Lockdown Continue?

22 Apr 2020

Hi Folks,

Trust you are coping well with this lockdown. I am trying to make the best of it here though.

The numbers are fast increasing in Nigeria, with a staggering 782 Covid-19 cases as at Tuesday 21 April, governments, organizations and the likes are already having a second thought about the lock down.

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The effect of the lock down on economies across the world cannot be over-emphasized, coupled with the drop in crude oil prices; Nigeria may have a big issue in her hands.

Crime is on the increase, with different gangs striking at different parts of the country and not leaving the cyber space out in their onslaught. Many residents have become automatic vigilantes, staying awake to protect their families.

Pundits have started recommending the need to ease the lock down as a viable way of getting the economy back to full swing. This they say will reduce hunger, get the hoodlums busy, and help get the country out of the partial recession.

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The rapid drop in Crude oil prices, coupled with the fact that fewer buyers are ready to buy has left many oil producing countries running from pillar to post and Nigeria seems to be top on this list.

Do you think the government should ease up on the lock-down?

Easing up the lock-down has elicited various reactions from people across different strata with all parties speaking in our collective interest.

Some opine that it may be too early to ease the lock-down because we do not have the capacity to cope with the management of Covid-19 when the cases hit thousands. They believe, more hospitals should be trained and certified to handle Covid-19 cases after which the lock-down can be lifted.

Another set of people agree that the lock-down should be lifted right away. They said health workers should be provided with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), people should go around with face masks to prevent transmission and that all should maintain good hygiene practices.

Either ways, the earlier we get the economy going the better for all of us, if you have the ears of government; please remember to tell them that we need to double up on building other sectors of our economy, primary of which is agriculture.

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Credit: Duke University

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Ilupeju B