Nollywood, Marries Real Estate as Rachel Oniga Earn Ambassadorship

19 Jan 2020

Hi Folks,

I am feeling really fly with myself right now, the past week was fun, work, and more fun. Quite a number of things went down and I can’t keep calm until I spill it.

Last Sunday, I stopped by at my family house at Alausa, Ikeja and was compelled to attend a end/new year party at Chief Kemi Nelson’s call. As soon as I got into the house Mummy Alarape-Ilupeju was decked up and looking ‘fortyish’, “thank God you are here my son you are here; you will have to be the one to drop me off o. And if you have enough time we can groove the event together all through” she said.

I agreed to drop her and off we went. I felt it was going to be a gathering of only politicians but alas! There clusters of families spotted at different parts of the venue. I said hellos and had mummy settled with her friend and promptly went after a meal.

I spent a little over two hours there and I went my way, but I left feeling happy at the various classes of people I saw at the event.

Monday and Tuesday was work and finally Wednesday arrived. Taiye Akinpelu had sent an invite to attend the unveiling of Chief Mrs. Rachel Oniga as brand ambassador for Iloshe Properties and Investment Limited along with her own unveiling as media executive. The name Rachel Oniga should ring a bell already but if you don’t know her, she is an award winning actor with hundred of Nollywood flicks to her name and bags of awards under her belt.

The unveiling of Chief Mrs. Rachel Oniga shows that Nigerian actors contribution in society is highly appreciated. When Gbenga Fabiyi, MD/CEO Iloshe Properties and Investment Limited, was asked why his organization opted for the choice of Oniga, he said “After a vigorous search for a celebrity with integrity and substance, Chief Mrs. Rachel Oniga continually came up across all channels. Interestingly, her values are in tandem with what the Iloshe brand represents. Further consultations were made and Chief Mrs. Rachel Oniga became the choice and management went to work and here we are”.

            From right: Remi Shitta-Bay, Rachel Oniga, Gbenga Fabiyi, Taiye Akinpelu, Oyinlola Obot

The past year had Mr. Remi Shitta-Bay as the Brand Ambassador for Iloshe Properties and Investment Limited. He remains an ambassador and will work with Chief Mrs. Rachel Oniga towards a better representation of the brand.

Taiye Akinpelu will bring her years of experience as a broadcaster to the organization and help create and exciting media footprint for the Iloshe brand.

From Left front row: Tope Okunnu, Faith Isibor, Rachel Oniga, Mubo Fatula, Taiye Akinpelu Back row: Adebayo Ilupeju, Eli Ojo, Tayo Bolade

When asked about the qualities she saw in the Iloshe brand before accepting to be a brand ambassador, Rachel Oniga said “credibility, I would not want a relationship that will soil my name. If by chance I find out that a client paid the company and couldn’t get an allocation, I will be the first person to tell it to the world”.

You will agree with me that it is indeed a big marriage between Nollywood and the real estate industry, though not the first in the industry; the fact that this is becoming a trend shows we are in an era of collaboration.

My TGIF groove was truncated as virtually every route to my hood was laden with heavy traffic. My son Yanni added a year, I will share the gist soon.

Remember to do some good and make someone smile today wherever,whenever. Have a great week!


Ilupeju B