Nigeria and the pool of opinions on Nationhood

5 Jul 2021

Hi Folks,

To many, especially Nigerians, the last couple of weeks has seen the country confronted with varying degrees of agitation.

The arrest of Maazi Nnamdi Kanu lately and the raging manhunt for Chief Sunday Adeyemo (a.k.a Ighoho Oosha) is still a big subject of debate across the many ethnicities in Nigeria.

Both men, are being persecuted for “secessionist” activities. While the two may be speaking the minds of the people, opinion leaders say the approach is wrong.

The struggle is premised on marginalization of a people on one hand and the perceived insensitivity of government toward herds men and banditry on the other.

These may not be far from the truth, but the question remains that; could the matter be approached differently?

Fingers have been pointed at the legislative arm of the Nigerian government as they represent the different constituencies in the country.

Couldn’t these agitation be taken to the national assembly where the elected representatives of the people of Nigeria sit?

Asking for a referendum is not against the law, the how is what is in question and I think Nigerians should start looking in that direction.

However, the government also need to get proactive; they need to genuinely investigate the issues and address same with sincerity of purpose.

What approach do you think the agitators should employ? Leave us a comment.

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Ilupeju B