My Birthday Weekend

20 Nov 2019

Hi Folks,

I am still trying to get over all the love I experienced from Friday through Monday as the world stood still for yours truly. It was my birthday on Sunday 17th November and friends and foes thought it was a time to show some love, whether true or false.

My boss and friend, Chief Wole Benson Akinkuolie had invited me to his installation as the second president of Rotary Club of Arepo Longbridge, I told him it was my birthday but he insisted that being a member of the Rotary family and an instrumental one to the founding of this particular chapter, I had to be there. I said yes, so I locked Sunday 17th November down for Rotary club.

The traffic situation on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway in the past couple of days has been taking its toll on me as I had to travel without the comfort of my own car, sitting cramped up in those tiny Vanagon Volkswagen buses and its characteristic fights between conductor and passenger; you only need to be there to understand my plight. My Friday night was quiet, just two shots of whiskey and I took off to my house.

My radio colleagues decided to give me a little birthday surprise on Saturday since I was going to be at the studio on Sunday. They got a cake and drinks to go with it and they even announced on radio for the world to know. They sang, they hugged and even offered a party the following at a location of their choice, to this, I declined. So we made the best of Saturday, cake at the office; liquor and fresh river fish at a nearby riverside community.

On Sunday, I woke to the praying voice of my wife and the kids by my bedside. We proceeded to a quiet family birthday breakfast. As part of my plan to encourage farming, I went tilling with my son Oladipupo, on the empty piece of land next to the house. We have pawpaw, tomato and bitter leaf and we plan to make the bed for planting bean. No! Not in commercial quantity just an introductory planting for the little one. After a little rest and a great time with my wife, Diekolola, Oladipupo and Akorede, I dressed up and hit the road for the Rotary Club.

I arrived late into the program and walked in like a King without the crown, after all it is my birthday and we own this event. Chief Wole Benson Akinkuolie was giving his speech; I looked round and spotted my colleagues from Cerebral Consult at a corner at the back of the hall. Kayode, Bayo, Seun and Omolola had prepared a table with all sorts of goodies. These events have a way of turning out as a meeting point for like minds, it was surprising when Wemimo Adebiyi was invited to come and charge our souls with her electrifying talk on mental wellness, she was surprise to see me as after a long time.

As the event progressed, Oby Louis, my friend and Oga, joined us. She still has beautiful chubby looks from more than nine years ago, we chatted about life, the media industry and the state of the economy while sipping on wine supported by asun and smoked chicken. Tell me of a better birthday celebration on a shoestring budget.

Oluwole Olatubi made plans to catch up with me for some fun but my battery was drained and so I couldn’t reach him back. I retired home early to rest and prepare for Monday but honestly, I can do with some more rest even now.

The elections that held over the weekend were quite interesting but let me just save the gist for when the attacks and counter attacks begin.

Prepare for a more exciting weekend as the remaining bit of the year is lined with exciting activities. Remember as always; make someone smile today with your acts of kindness.


Ilupeju B