Music Creators Laud Recording Academy’s Expansion Plan to Rwanda

15 Jun 2024

Renowned Rwandan disc jockey Sonia Kayitesi, popularly known as DJ Sonia, has finally broken her silence on the issue that has been making rounds on various social media platforms. Olivie Mugwiza

Rwandan Music Industry Applauds Recording Academy’s Expansion into Africa and the Middle East

Rwandan music creators and industry stakeholders have enthusiastically welcomed the Recording Academy’s expansion into Africa and the Middle East, hailing it as a significant triumph for Rwanda’s music scene.

On Monday, June 10, the Recording Academy announced its strategic plan to extend operations to various African nations and the Middle East, as part of its mission to support music creators globally. This initiative aims to provide educational resources, advocate for intellectual property rights, and celebrate the musical heritage of these regions.

Rwanda is among the African countries selected for this expansion. The Recording Academy’s presence is expected to facilitate skill development in areas such as robust intellectual property legislation and protections for musicians, achieved through the Academy’s cross-cultural exchanges.

Rwandan producer Kozze highlighted the profound impact this partnership will have on the local music industry, particularly in enhancing the quality of locally produced music. “The Recording Academy’s entry into Rwanda means local musicians will receive comprehensive training in the art of music creation, which will be pivotal in transforming the industry and attracting more stakeholders,” said Kozze, affiliated with Country Records. He praised the collaboration as a significant step forward, acknowledging the Rwanda Development Board’s (RDB) role in advancing the music industry.

DJ Sonia, one of Kigali’s leading female DJs, echoed Kozze’s sentiments, describing the partnership as a milestone for Rwanda’s music industry and the country’s brand and tourism appeal. She emphasized that this partnership will elevate Rwandan musicians onto the international stage, showcasing Rwanda on the global music map alongside countries like Nigeria and South Africa.

“For a long time, our music industry has struggled, but partnerships like this show our progress. The Recording Academy’s interest in Rwanda indicates its potential, encouraging more private investors to explore our creative industry,” Sonia told Weekender.

BerTreezy, a Rwandan artist and lyricist, regards the Recording Academy’s partnership with Rwanda through the RDB as a privilege. He believes it will help the Rwandan music industry overcome significant challenges, such as the language barrier, and generate greater revenues through increased international recognition. “This partnership is a tremendous opportunity for Rwandan artists to elevate our standards to the global level,” he noted.

The Recording Academy’s initiatives will focus on several key areas, including providing a platform and advocacy for creators, offering training through its online learning platform GRAMMY GO, and producing original content. These efforts are expected to encourage creators in Africa and the Middle East to take advantage of cross-cultural learnings and benefit from the Academy’s advocacy for strong intellectual property legislation and protections.

by Emmanuel Gatera for