Much Ado About Covid-19 Vaccine

13 Apr 2021

Hi Folks,

How are things going in your hood? Are you still keeping to the Covid-19 protocols?

I have been up and about in Lagos and one or two south western states of Nigeria; in all of the trips, one thing remains common; the people are not complying with the protocols.

Have nose masks become a thing of the past? 

Nose masks have become a thing of the past in most locations, with only a handful wearing and most wearing it wrongly.

For some reason, the number of cases are on the decline in Nigeria and the conspiracy theorists have warped our minds so much that we actually think Covid-19 is a hoax.

Of major concern

Of major concern is the reluctance of the people to take the Corona Virus vaccine.

Because of conspiracy theories and the fear of the consequences of taking the vaccine, turn out for vaccination has been rather low.

I decided to visit one of the designated primary health care centers to see the turn-out for the vaccine myself.

I got to the venue early, Ikeja Testing Site, and indeed there were just a few people present.

The nurses were receptive, my host, Alhaja Adeniran was warm and promptly advised us, my wife Folashade, Engineer Shodunke and I to make sure we grabbed something to eat.

We were anxious, myself and the lot of others who had summoned the courage to come for the vaccine.

Blessing Iraoyah didn’t waste time in approaching us to consider taking the Covid-19 test. I accepted instantly and filled the online form here.

Blessing led me to the test zone and handed me over to Mrs. Badmus, whose dexterity made the test so simple.

It took only 20 seconds for the sample to be collected and I am looking to collect the result soon.

My wife was motivated after seeing that I didn’t have a hard time with it and Engineer Shodunke was almost done filling his own form; she gave her phone to me and we got her ready for the test.


I got Mr. Adetokunbo and lady Anne Turnbull to do same by telling them how simple and brief the test procedure was.


The vaccine required biodata collection which I felt was somewhat cumbersome but necessary.

And then came the jab (Astrazeneca/Oxford), it was easy pizzy and in seconds, I was done.

No pain whatsoever, I took a dose of paracetamol as I got in the car just to keep the possible ensuing pain away.

Later in the evening, I started feeling slight pains just as described by many; my wife felt the same.

The pains were still there as at the time of writing this letter but I can tell you that it isn’t so bad.

So whether, you are in Africa, America, Australia or anywhere else; I think you should give the vaccine a chance. It is not any of those things the conspiracy theorists have suggested.

Take this advise as my own act of kindness and remember to make someone smile today wherever and whenever.



Ilupeju B