Moyo Lawal and Marvellous Dominion sizzle in Anonymous-nipples

16 Aug 2023

Hi Folks,

The times are exciting whichever way you choose to see things across the world. It is a little more challenging in Naija, especially with the new government still trying to find their footing. My love for you has taken me the way of two interesting plays that will take away your worries and re-ignite your sensualities.

Moyo Lawal


In the last weekend of August, delectable actresses Moyo Lawal and Marvelous Dominion will excite Lagos audiences on stage with captivating performances in the much anticipated play “Anonymous-nipples” at the Muson center in Lagos.

Marvelous Dominion

Anonymous Nipples is a brilliant adaption of the book with same name written by versatile Theatre producer and investment banker, Joseph Edgar also known as Duke of Shomolu.

Joseph Edgar

The book explores very strong themes of pain, sexuality , fidelity, polygamy, alternative sexuality, communications in adult relationships amongst others.

Written and directed by famed Theatre Director William Benson, Anonymous Nipples is expected to shock audiences with it’s bold treatment of taboo topics.

According to Mofoluwake Edgar, Managing Director of the Duke of Shomolu Foundation, the platform producing the play, “we decided to bring this Play up at this moment as a result of the need to force discussions around the topic especially with the high incidences of relationship break down, violence in relationships all leading to a sense of foreboding in society”.

She continues, “the book Anonymous Nipples was written to foster better sexual communications in responsible adult relationships by throwing better light on topics that are usually not broached but remain very germain to the strengthening of these adult relationships”.

She also informed that the weekend would be a compendium of two plays with “A trail of Choices” which takes on life’s journey from the prism of five ladies taking place on the 26th of August, while Anonymous Nipples will take place on the 27th of August, 2023.

Both plays are supportes by Vfd Group, Abbey Mortgage Bank and the Happy Centre, Amstel Malt to mention a few.

“Anonymous Nipples”, “A trail of Choices” provide a menu of two exciting new plays that will shock and enthrall even as they provide life lessons thru very engaging song and dance sequences.

These are daring performances that should by all means fit into your calendar. I am already pleading with my financiers to grant me that special weekend. After all, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to see the nipples of these duo, literally speaking 😉.

Till then, whatever you do, wherever you maybe; remember to make someone smile through your acts of kindness.


Ilupeju B