Mother’s Day experience

28 May 2019

Hi Folks,

“Children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded,” Jess Lair

There is a child in everyone of us and to that end, I wish you all a happy International Children’s Day.

My weekend was fun.   Interestingly, the highlight was celebrating International Mother’s Day at the Brahma Kumaris’ Light House in Ilupeju Lagos. So, we celebrated Mother’s Day on Sunday and then International Children’s Day, on Monday.   Can you beat that?

Usually, my weekends are packed with activities but recently my activity has been rather slow, due primarily to my yoga enlightenment classes and the observation of the Ramadan fast.

Sunday found me at the Light House at the behest of Sister Gaothome Olamide, her mother, Sister Meenal and other members of her team to celebrate Mothers Day and some May birthday friends. Sister Olamide is an angel personified.   She has a way of imparting messages that makes them resonate. The event was a gathering of about 22 people, made up mostly of women. My friends Femi Odukoya, Aare Oladeinde Ariyo, Omotayo Bolade, Taiyelolu Akinpelu (birthday girl), Morohunmubo Fatula (birthday girl), and Pelumi Ayeni. There were a bunch of other great people whose names I unfortunately cannot remember. There was even a celebrity – Aralola Olamuyiwa, in attendance, whose game I hold in high esteem.

The group discussed motherhood and the values that go with it. The high point was when she made us understand that being a mother transcends just putting a child to bed. She said fathers, teachers, caregivers, counselors and so on can also be considered ‘mothers’. Learning where I fit into the mother role was a great feeling for me. We danced to Indian music and then closed with a photo session.

Aralola is such a pleasant soul.  I discovered a much deeper person beyond the woman who displays that super dexterity on the talking drum.

I woke on Monday to the voice of Diekolola, my daughter, as she went over her spelling in readiness for today’s Spelling Bee competition. Then I remembered what day it is, as I came around, my mother’s phone call followed. So, I wished my children Happy Children’s Day and here is my mother wishing me the same. The irony of life!

I jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom.  In preparation for our event today hosting children on Citadel Arena with Tosin Ajayi on StarFM. We had four-year old Esther Chinecherem Charles-Ogboso, a gospel music artist present in the studio to sing songs and talk about her talent. It will amaze you to realize that Esther composes her own songs.

Children’s Day in Nigeria is characterized by marches, children’shangouts, contests and more. I spent most of my day with children at the MiTV playground while my children are in school participating in a contest in the company of their mother.

Were you out there having fun with the children?

I chose not to mention the political manoeuvers of the past week, because we are in celebratory mood.

As you go about your week, please remember to make someone smile wherever, whenever.


Ilupeju B