Mike Tyson in shape ahead of Roy Jones Jr fight

18 Nov 2020

Mike Tyson versus Roy Jones Jr. is now less than two weeks away.


The two boxing legends will partake in an exhibition match at the Staples Center on November 28 and fans are understandably excited.

This will be the first time Tyson has stepped into a ring since 2005, when he was easily defeated by Kevin McBride, the sixth and final loss of his professional career.

Over the past few months, boxing fans and connoisseurs have watched on as ‘Iron Mike’ has transformed his body into one capable of fighting at the highest level once again.


We’ve seen incredible footage of his punch power in sparring and various images of his fight-ready physique.

It’s been quite a journey for the 54-year-old and the latest photos to surface with regards to his physical shape ahead of his comeback will leave many jaws dropped.

Had you been unaware of Tyson vs Jones Jr taking place in less than two weeks, you would have sworn that these images were taken before Iron Mike’s title fight with Michael Spinks in 1988.

Tyson is absolutely stacked and just to make the images even cooler, the former ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ is seen wearing his trademark black boxing shorts.

We can’t see the youngest heavyweight champion in the sport’s history having any issues whatsoever getting through the eight two-minute rounds against Jones Jr.

A short while back, Tyson admitted that he had ditched his vegan diet in order to properly prepare for his comeback.

Tyson told Joe Rogan on his podcast, per TalkSPORT: “I stopped [the vegan diet] because of the training and because of what I wanted my body to look like and the strength that I wanted to posess.

“I only eat elk and bison – wild stuff – and I’m starting to feel fit.”