The Sustainability of the TV Business

12 Sep 2018

Greetings beloved,

I waited all through Thursday for your call but it never came. I had planned to tell you that I’d be hanging at the New Afrika Shrine and wanted to know if you wanted me to take any of your friends with me but you refused to call. I had a real good time and seeing Omorinmade, Femi Kuti’s son play alongside his father was the height of enjoyment for me.

My week started a bit on the academic side as the media industry eggheads converged at the Protea Hotel, GRA Ikeja, Lagos, to discuss the future of Pay TV and other related challenges facing the industry. One of the sessions was moderated by our very own, Lindsey Oliver, it was a particularly engaging session as it focused on the sustainability of the Pay TV business. Trust your guy, most of my time was spent networking and figuring where the next best thing would come from. I left with a big question from one of the sessions and it was, “when will Africa have a popular superhero?” You will agree with me that despite the fact that a number of characters have been created but none of them has enjoyed real popularity like their American counterparts. Do you know any popular African superhero, please share in the comment box.

Remember my niece, Derayo, the one that ditched a university career to pursue her passion of shoe and bags designing? She made me really proud with the quality of designs she showcased at the recently concluded Nigeria Students Fashion and Design Week (NSFDW2018). I had an owambe to attend but I left it for later. Her showcase reassured me that Africa indeed has all that it takes to rule the fashion world. Her models were dressed from head to toe in De’rayo apparels, shoes, accessories and bags. Interestingly, the Impulse collection as she tagged them featured both casual and corporate apparels. I got a chance to meet my friend and protégé, Yusuf Snooty of Woodland models who was in charge of the models and backstage. Yusuf introduced me to a number emerging talents in the Nigeria fashion industry; don’t be surprised if you see me on the runway or on a billboard soon.

Sunday caught me sitting with the most brilliant folks in the Nigeria brand management industry as Orange Academy Lagos, invited her alumni to the Immersion and Prize giving ceremony at the Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos. Being an alumnus, it was another homecoming and an annual reunion for me, a number of my mates showed and it afforded me the opportunity to meet new guys.

The graduating class partnered with the Dyslexia Foundation Nigeria and created very engaging communications to create awareness for Dyslexia. I met the President of the foundation, Mr. Ben Arikpo who narrated his experience as father of a brilliant child who had dyslexia. Truly before the event, Dyslexia always sounded like just a word and I never took it as a serious challenge. Now I know better and I am still learning more about it. Do you know about Dyslexia? Please find out and help someone else learn more too. I discovered that Dyslexia is one challenge that has the potential of sending talents to oblivion.

I couldn’t make it to Femi Kuti’s show on Sunday as I was too exhausted to chill anywhere else besides my bed. Where were you in the past week? I’d like to know.

Till next week when I send you another letter, keep influencing the world for good, one person at a time.


Bros Bee