A Spiritual Journey to the Mountain

5 Sep 2018

Greetings beloved,

Last week seemed like my busiest so far this year 2018, it was indeed a hectic week. The week of 30th August had been in view for more than three months but I didn’t see so much activities happening. The inauguration of Africa’s first farmer’s bank was to happen we the members of the inauguration committee had to be in Oyo town, the headquarters of the bank to ensure things play out as planned.

I got ready for the trip not thinking of any other venture, save for the bank inauguration. Not even the thought of mountain climbing which eventually became a part of the trip.

After arriving Oyo town, the need to negotiate for more multimedia equipment and thus I found myself in Ibadan. The thought of the mountains woke me and I made up my mind to get some pictures before leaving which of course I set out for but the entire plan changed as we progressed. The initial plan was to shoot from the base but I was not satisfied with the view and decided to check out what it would look like from the top. Something strange happened as we ascended, a ram that wondered to the top in search of foliage had slipped and fell to its death. What I found strange was the fact that some lads raced down the mountain as the ram plunged down to its death, they were racing down to make sure nobody else picks it; those who saw this told me a meal or meals had been ascertained it the Almighty’s way of providing for them. I thought differently, but I have been taught never to judge.

Every level we reached was a confirmation of how much in need of prayers cum miracles my people were as prayer sessions were being held. We got to a point where we had to take our shoes off.  Remember Tim from my previous job? The round gentle fellow who helped with my audio during my special birthday shoot, he was my companion on the expedition and it looked pretty much like he was made for this, hopping from rock to rock as we went up the mountain, he probably had more fun than I did. Our adventure was short lived when our host’s (Engr. Bola) call brought us back on the main mission’s track and made us head for the bottom right away. We signaled our exit and then another strange thing happened, the prophet or parishioner followed our motion with a rain of prayers which caught us in our tracks and had retrace our steps to the entrance of the church to enjoy the showers of prayer coming from our purported man of the Almighty. So we came, received and conquered. The mountain experience ended up being both physically and spiritually re-invigorating.

The journey to Oyo-Ile, the capital of the old Oyo Empire. Established in the fifteenth century, the old Oyo Empire was one of the largest West African states; it was the most politically important state in the region from the mid-17th to late 18th century. We landed in Oyo-Ile rather late as the committee were just rounding off the meeting. Not like I cared so much at this time as the pangs of hunger had taken the better of me and my mind was only asking for the best Amala joint in town. I remember the last argument with those old men about Ogbomoso Amala being better than Oyo’s, well… the experience from last week has left me even more confused. If you find it difficult to explain this amala gist to your friends, let them leave me a comment and I will be delighted to lecture them about amala and gbegiri, not the politics of it sha o.

Oyo-Ile welcomed guests from all over Nigeria as they converged to officially launch the first farmers’ bank in Africa, the bank that help farmers resolve their most pressing issues.

Back in Lagos, the social sphere had been agog as celebrities and movie buffs prepared for the 2018 edition of Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCA). Remember I told you about this a while back when they had the nomination party. When I realized that our dear own Juliana, Lindsey and Jill were attending, I knew I had to attend somehow someway. I pressed all the buttons I could to get a ticket to attend but it just didn’t come. The Lagos boy in me came alive and decided to go the gate-crashing route, it wasn’t easy but I got in. Honestly, I forgot all the troubles as soon as I got in, I didn’t get the luxury of sitting with the trio of Lindsey, Jill and Juliana as my struggle didn’t get me past the popular end of the hall.

The red carpet was alive as celebrities thronged-in in their droves. There is something about Dakore Akande that keeps your eyes on her everywhere she goes, her innocent looks may be, but her mixed-print dress was so striking that I could hardly focus on other beautiful ladies at the red carpet. Bisola Aiyeola, that bubbly girl who was first runner up in Big Brother Nigeria Season 2, she did more than impress with her dress as she won herself “The Trailblazers” award which goes with a brand new car. Truth is, she truly deserves the award because she puts in so much passion into her work. Cee-C, another Big Brother Nigeria alumnus dropped our jaws with her pretty Lanre DaSilva Ajayi (LDA) dress. Rita Dominic didn’t let me down either, Rita is a veteran in the Nigerian movie industry and she has never disappointed me, when it comes to fashion. Interestingly, she seems to be getting younger by the day. Did you just say who is Rita Dominic? Google is your friend.

On a final note, the Nigeria Student Fashion and Design Week (NSFDW) kicks of this week and it will see a number of emerging fashion designers show their stuff to fashion enthusiasts and buyers. I will make sure I attend one of the shows just to let you in on the growth in the fashion industry.

What was your experience from the past week like? Feel free to share, at least I can learn about great events from another point of view. Till next week when I write you again, make the best of your time.


Bros. Bee