I’m not a mad person, Ade. That’s what he said

25 Sep 2021

“I’m not a mad person, Ade”
It just feels so dark… It’s so dark”

Last week, I walked someone out of Suicide

I’m yet to believe this because I am not the best when it comes to counseling,

I’m practically not good at convincing people on decision making, except ofcourse with having to buy a thing.

My strength is in Marketing, I can write a good content and ofcourse convince a person to buy a product.

But to help with suicidal thoughts, I never thought I come close.

I have observed this person’s post for a while and for some strange reasons i began to have this strong feeling that he’s going through challenges,

No, he was not projecting this,
Well atleast not as much, I just knew there was something to his post, the few ones he puts up atleast.

So unlike me, I decided to reach out to him

The exchange was quite casual… It had to be as casual as it can be to avoid any suspect from his end.

If there’s anything I know about people with this frame of thought,

It’s the fact that they most likely do not want anyone to have a full idea of their decision or when they decide to end it, so I decided to tread carefully

The following day he finally made a post saying “The dead has a better luck”

From his response to people’s comment, I knew he had made up his mind and one need to be as tactical as ever.

So, I started the chat this time, with how I was tired with things…

I pretended as though I haven’t seen his post and spoke generally of some of my challenges, how it’s stressful to the point of depression.

He asked what was really happening and we got talking.

This was the first step to getting his attention to open up to me.

Like I say all the time “Misery likes company”

We chatted for hours, talking about our ordeals and he finally opened up with what has been bothering him.

Fam I was so happy…
I had this unexplainable joy

Joy because getting to this point wasn’t easy, this person in question has a great temper.

I remember how he compared my guitar and choice of music to trash and would get upset at the slightest thing,

Strangely, I wasn’t upset.

I knew he just wanted to do something to keep me away.

We finally got to the point where he confessed to considering suicide.

It was on a call at about 4:50pm

I had begged that we exchange contacts, so I can hear his voice.

The discuss was quite emotional, I felt his pain and did cry with him.

I asked how he intends to go about the suicide and the best result.

Yes, I had to make him feel like I wasn’t against his decision.

I told him I wanted to know how, in case I decide to do same.

At this point, he laughed and asked why I would consider such.

I gave some reasons and he finally shared his intentions with me.

He wouldn’t make known his location because his family were also looking for him.

“I am not a mad person Ade”

They all think I am not normal, they want to take me to a psychiatrist, he complained

I assured him that he didn’t need to run and since he has decided to end it all,

wouldn’t it be better to atleast help someone out aswell?

He would show me how he drinks to stupor…. And ends up with headache later.

I encouraged him all through, I told him I had no problem with whatever he chooses to do…

I still can’t explain where I got the strength, considering that I was dealing with a furniture guy that was really getting me frustrated

Yet, i was happy to see him finally opening up.

3days later, he agreed to a physical meeting.

I prayed Fam…. I prayed all through the night before

To be honest, I had no idea of the best way to talk him out of this.

It was quite a distance and I drove for hours, only for me to get there to find out he had changed his location again.

It was tiring, no jokes but something in me was too excited to be upset.

It just felt like the right thing to do.

I picked my car keys and drove to the next location where I finally met him in person.

The meeting started with a long hug… I told him I looked forward to seeing him and how whatever he was going to teach me meant a lot to me.

It was at a waterfront, we sat quietly, each person to our thoughts.

I was quietly praying, it was the only thing I could do

Why are you not trying to stop me Ade,he said breaking the silence

Because I understand your pain,
I replied, facing him

I understand what it means to be rejected, broken, betrayed, misunderstood… I know the pain, trust me I do, I continued

Especially when people think you’re just imagining this pain.

Oh that Ade,
he replied, laughing

He laughed, he laughed so hard and gradually began to sob


Oh, it broke my heart

I want to live Ade,
I just don’t know how to continue from here.
It’s so dark ahead.

I held his hands and assured him that everything will be alright

I further showed him some ways to get out of the mess and he also agreed to speak to a therapist.

I was so delighted…. It was the first time I was doing something so great.

It even feels better to see he’s doing perfectly fine and has moved on to achieve greater things.

Kindness is indeed a beautiful thing

I… Am… Super…. Grateful

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