How to stay alive against all odds

10 Mar 2021

Hi Folks,

I been into the disappearing and reappearing act lately and it is all in a bid to stay alive against all odds.

So, this particular Saturday I set out as usual, hit the radio station and do a few family visits. I did catch with some friends and all we discussed was surviving at a time like this.

The survival gist the entire time was basically feeding and paying the bills.

But that is only a part of surviving, there are loads of other factors that help us survival or that we have to survive against.

I will mention a few things to pay attention to in order to stay alive.

Worry less, when you worry too much the tendency to loose focus or concentrate becomes high. This often leads to drop in quality of job delivery, performance and general outlook.

Keep your environment tidy, a tidy environment helps you to stay sane.

Having your environment tidy has its own way of relaxing the mind.

Speaking of tidy environments, that faithful Saturday; I succeeded in all that I set out to do and finally paid dearly for an untidy environment.

I traveled all the way home with a bottle of cold water tucked at the mid-console of my truck. I have a few other bottles thrown around in the mini-truck and never had it crossed my mind that this was a potential hazard.

Just as I rounded the corner to my street, the water bottle rolled underneath my break pedals, oblivious of the situation; I pressed continuously thinking my mind would stop playing tricks on me.

To cut the story short, it took the walls on the house at the end of the street to stop my truck. Luckily, with two airbags out and a bruised hand from the airbag; no life was lost.

Lessons learnt, remove all impediments within the driver’s chamber, worry less and keep your mind relaxed.

While many are hopeful of receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, please keep observing the protocols.

Remember to make someone smile today through your acts of kindness.


Ilupeju B