How not to lose your mind over Nigeria

23 Nov 2020

Hi Folks,

I am at the verge of losing my mind and funnily, it is over my country Nigeria.

In the last 9 months, it has been from one drama to another. Covid-19 was the starter, then Naija topped it with the Endsars protests which practically grounded Nigeria to a halt.

To make matters worse, there has been one too many inconsistencies in the reports; both from government and the people.

However, these events and their attendant challenges is taking its toll on the polity.

The loss of jobs due to inactivity of businesses has resulted in loss of jobs, then came the Endsars protests which halted business activities for almost two weeks.

Nigerians are now facing the brunt of these events and quite number are having a hard time as a result.

After weeks of worry and discussions, I can tell you that the best bet is to calm down and recalibrate.

How do I recalibrate, you may want to ask; not a difficult task at all. Cut down on expenses first; stop buying on impulse.

Don’t fuss on political talks, not like your arguments will change anything, lol.

Appreciate your wins and think about how you made it happen.

Read or write a book. This usually turns out to be a source of rejuvenation. The new thoughts that come with reading can bring renewed hopes.

Call your family and loved ones. They often give you glad tidings despite the challenges of these times.

Above all, don’t take yourself too seriously and endeavor to make someone smile by being kind at any given opportunity.


Ilupeju B