Help I am Pregnant for My Stepdaughter’s Husband

7 Feb 2020

Hi Folks,

Today my thoughts are on opinions, quite a number of events have taken place in the lives of different people we know but when this particular one came up as the topic of discussion on radio; I knew I had to come get your opinions.

It has been a bit hectic out here though, with the spate of construction works across the Lagos State and federal roads, coupled with the recent suspension of commercial motorcycle and tricycle operations on parts of the state, commuting has been a big deal. Anyway, we always find a way round these things.

What would you do?

A certain young man of old whose name I would not mention married his beautiful heartthrob. They lived together for a short while as death took her away upon the arrival of their only daughter. Sad and left with no choice he decided to move on and take care of the baby girl but child rearing was not his tuff, so he was advised to pick another wife who would help take care of the baby girl and cater to his needs as well. The new wife did a good job with her new family; she raised the baby girl to become a smart, beautiful young lady. However, this second wife could not conceive a child but she held onto faith that she would eventually conceive and have a child.

Soon, the baby girl found love and got married; months after she put to bed a bouncy baby. Her father decided to send the stepmother over to perform the primary duty of caring for the grandchild (omugo) as the young mother may not be able to manage this new role.  Reluctantly, the stepmother accepted and moved in with her stepdaughter and her husband.

After a few months, reports got to grandpa that his wife might be pregnant; how so?

How so?

Grandpa promptly goes on a visit and confirms the rumor. Upon inquiry, it turned out that the young and energetic son in-law was responsible. Enraged, grandpa broke the silence and told the tale to everyone who cared to listen.

Stepmother has vowed never to abort the pregnancy citing that this might just be her only opportunity at motherhood. She complained of having bore the blame of not conceiving after so many years and was desperate to check out her stepdaughter’s agile husband out just to be sure.

Your thoughts

Now the family is divided along several lines with blames flying everywhere, but really, who do you think is at fault in all of these?

Please share your thoughts and advice in the comment section, the family might be able to find peace through your thoughts.

Remember to keep your hearts open for good, make someone smile today and always through your acts of kindness.


Ilupeju B