Fun-filled Saturday

1 Feb 2020

Hi Folks,

It is Sunday afternoon and I am only just recovering from the groove from Friday down to Sunday morning, my voice is very croaky as I type, no thanks to talk at the top of my voice due to loud music.

I found myself chilling with friends in celebration of another Friday. Femi Ayeni had invited me over to Esporta bar and suites for a quick chat but when our other friends started showing up one after another, I knew I had it coming.

We had our chat quite alright but the feast and drinking afterwards is beyond explanation. It turned out Chuks Ikedia, older brother of Nigeria star, Pius Ikedia, was lodging at the same place. He extended my hangout time and my gang had to leave me behind to have some time with him. He reminded me of his Saturday event in celebration of the life and times of his dear mother, Madam Hope Aliam Ikedia, she was 86. I assured him that I was going to be there.

I pushed all of my activities to the end of the day and got myself ready for the Ikedia’s party on Saturday 25th January. I arrived a little ahead of the call time to see what I could offer as support to a brother and a friend. As a host, the tension was so much on Chuks to ensure that he had a hitch free event. By 2pm, guests were seated and another friend, gospel musician, Abel Oluwafemi Dosunmu, popularly known as Mega 99 would be playing as my friend Taiyelolu Akinpelu compeers. It turned out that it was my day of reuniting with old friend and meeting new ones.

Juju musician Mega 99 and Kemi Ikedia on the dance floor

By 3pm, the Anchor Events Place was super-charged with good music and bubbly people decked in the asoebi uniform to identify with the celebrators. The children of the deceased were introduced and invited to dance one after the other; the grandchildren were not left out too.

Friends and well wishers thronged the stage and sprayed the celebrators with cash as they danced. While these happened, a thousand and one other side attractions were happening. I spotted an elderly man who was wooing a young lady; obviously embarrassed but caged by the African culture, she remained calm and endured in silence. She got her escape when her friends finally arrive.

Chuks and Kemi Ikedia

My eyes didn’t miss the chap who was transferring food into cellophane bags; he had succeeded in collecting 5 plates of rice dishes before he met his waterloo. Well dressed and handsome, it was difficult to comprehend what must have instigated such an act from the good looking chap. He was eased out of the hall after only a few slaps to his face as people pleaded that it must been hunger driving him.

Taikins Girls; ushers for the party

The party went on fine, I went over to Chuks Ikedia and his wife Kemi occasionally to make sure he didn’t any form of help; I met one of the grandsons too, Mykel Ikedia. He had to come all the way from the UK to pay his last respect to Grandma. I met MJ as well, a granddaughter to mama; she provided the Amala and gbegiri for me.

In a twist, a gentleman whose foot had gone sore and wanted a breather for the feet by taking his shoes off. He left the pair right by the side of the car to pick something and before he could turn round the shoes had vanished.

We rounded off around 10:30pm, another suggestion of a hangout but I declined, I had to catch up with my brother, Niyi Owonubi as we join Oosha my friend for his birthday get together. His brother in-law, Oba Olanrewaju Jimoh of FacecapTV fame and Muyiwa were already waiting for us. We had a little laugh, a little Vodka and some barbecue and everyone bailed at 12a.m.

Did I hear you say eventful? Yes, that’s what it was; I had a fun-filled Saturday. What was it like at your end? Please do share in the comments section.

Have a great week and remember to make someone smile through your acts of kindness, wherever, whenever.


Ilupeju B