Finally, an interview the Wizkid

29 Jul 2019

Hi Folks,

It was an exciting moment when Oluwasijuanuwomi Olawepo arrived at the car park in the company of his dad, Wale Olawepo, and two of his closest teachers.

Recall that Oluwasijuanuwomi was featured in one of my letters last week, where I mentioned his rare ability of being able to mention the specific day when he is told the date. Chika Nnamani, Mofe Oyatoogun, MC Desmond and a few others were shocked when he told them the days of the dates they presented.

See a short interview with Oluwasijuanuwomi below:



A curious thing Oluwasijuanuwomi’s parent noticed earlier was his penchant for making calendars in his spare time.

Have you met a kid with this sort of ability, could there be a factor responsible for such? Please share details with us in the comment box.

I did ball over the weekend despite the heavy downpour across Lagos, balling took me to the Bariga end of town for a 50thbirthday celebration of James A. Bolaji on Adewale Bolaji’s invitation. Nah! I didn’t eat Amala and gbegiri this time, I settled for fried rice and chicken. I didn’t spend the weekend alone Aare Ariyo and Femi Odukoya were with me all the way.


Ilupeju B