December to remember in Lagos

30 Nov 2020

Hi Folks,

Anticipation are rife towards this December in Lagos, Nigeria.

It has been a while since we I wrote you a letter, don’t mind me; it is the Lagos way. When you are in Lagos, the tendency of being lost in events is rather high.

It was a long week in Nigeria with the different events that leave the mouth sour crippling in in-turns. First it was the UK parliamentarian on former head of state, Yakubu Gowon; then the Ali Ndume detention because of Maina’s bail jumping. To cap the sourness, a monarch was brutally murdered just as we received the gruesome update of the massacre up north. It was indeed a week.

My weekend had two events scheduled; my cousins wedding to her heartthrob and the fifth edition of Fashion Meets Runway.

I got to the wedding venue two hours after the event, no thanks to the ever busy traffic we encounter these days in south-western Nigeria.

Same was the story for Fashion Meets Runway where I was to join the event at 7p.m and couldn’t even get into Lagos until 10p.m.

I know a number of folks be planning to come home to Naija for the holidays, I advise; please plan your trip accordingly.

The was a bit of fun along the way for me but the final events of the week would not permit me to mention.

Covid-19 numbers are beginning to spike again, kindly fortify yourself by feeding well, taking your vitamins and observing all the protocols that will help you stay safe.

Extend that hand of kindness to someone today.


Ilupeju B