Could Madascar Rescue the World?

29 Apr 2020

Hi Folks,

Could Madagascar be the much needed solution for this Covid-19 pandemic?

I am positive you are keeping safe wherever you are reading my letter from, the world has been on a fast chase for a solution to this virus that is ravaging the world.

As an African man, bread and buttered on the use of roots and herbs; the Covid-19 vaccine quest hasn’t struck me as a big deal.

What bothers me is the fact that we Africans have somewhat positioned to keep receiving rather than giving. When the Madagascar gist broke, a wave of joy hit me; Covid-19 is finally resetting our thought processes.

Madagascar: People without face masks forced to sweep streets ...

Madagascar citizens seems to have found peace as the country’s President Andry Rajoelina has recommended an organic concoction for the cure of infected patients.

The drink, named Covid Organics (CVO) – a form of herbal tea – is curing COVID-19 patients; CVO has divided public opinion in the island nation, of Madagascar, some 400 kilometres off the coast of East Africa.

Covid-19: Senegal Engaged In Mass Production Of $1 quick testing ...

In a related development, the citizens of Senegal are heaving a sigh of relief as Senegal launched her $1 Covid-19 test kits and are on a race to develop a vaccine.

The test kit as a result of Senegal’s swift response to the pandemic has positioned the country as one of the front burner in the fight against Covid-19 in Africa.

The most certain response however, remain the on and off lock-down approach of nations as economies struggle to get back.

As the war against Covid-19 continues, I think nations should put in efforts to be the saviour of the world by working at a vaccine or what do you think?

Remember to extend your hand of help to someone today.


Ilupeju B