Compozers at O2 Islington

13 Mar 2019

One of Africa’s best cultural exports has been our musicians, bands and our use of musical instrumentation. You will be hard pushed to find a part of our society where instrumentation does not play a huge role in what we do. Even when it comes to paying respects to ones that have passed, African funerals are known to be some of the best parties in the world with the pallbearers hitting every dance move better than some organised groups!

The Compozers are a band that are continuing this lineage of great African bands and musicians. In the last two years they have been everywhere, from the BBC Live Lounge to the O2 with Davido and every place in-between, carrying their infectious energy with them. I was fortunate enough to make my way down to the O2 Islington for their Ghanaian Independence Day event.

Although I was in the minority being Nigerian, I did not feel out of place for one second. From Ghanaian classics to the latest bangers that had the whole crowd Zanku’ing everywhere like it was a competition. The DJ (forgive me I did not catch his name) provided the perfect warm up to the main event.

Coming out in beautifully tailored matching attire and waving the national flag to a ruckous audience, The Compozers came out in style. Without warming, the band erupted to send the already jubilant crowd into overdrive. I was soon shifted from the press area into the crowd where I had to fend for myself as the Compozers went from song to song effortlessly, not letting the audience have a moment rest.

It must also be said that the Compozers held the audience’s attention with no vocalist on the stage, a credit to themselves in such a time where lyrics play such a huge part in meme and twitter culture that they have found their own niche. As I sat there watching them I was truly humbled in the realisation that we are now in a space where it doesn’t matter what part of Africa you are from, as long as you are talented, there is an audience waiting to hear you in the UK.

Words by Uncle Timothy

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