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  • Changes

    Meet Patricia. A high flying air hostess who is all about having fun.

    DURATION: 00:56
  • Interview

    We all want to excel at that job interview. But what lengths would you go…

    DURATION: 00:55
  • Departure Board

    Patricia takes some time to relax before her next flight. Alsonso has a surprise in…

    DURATION: 01:03
  • Food

    There are customers on board that certainly don't think they can bite off more than…

    DURATION: 00:25
  • Commander

    Marta needs to get something off her chest.

    DURATION: 00:54
  • Gym Smile

    What's the first thing you notice in a guy? Afonso has the answer.

    DURATION: 00:47
  • Bartender

    There's drink all round as the girls hit the town.

    DURATION: 00:46