Burna Boy Helps Diddy Connect to The Motherland

17 Aug 2020

Hi Folks,

There has been so much anticipation about Burna Boy’s “Twice as Tall” Album and the likely success that will follow. I am not disappointed so far with the level of success and the attendant testimonies/accolades that have followed.

Of special interest to me is the Diddy end of the story, my bias for Burna can never be overemphasized and for those who; it has always been special love for Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs.

So my joy knew no bounds when I saw Diddy’s tweet on how much he had wanted a collaboration with an African artist to ‘connect to the motherland’ before he got a call from Burna.

He tweeted: “Dear Africa, you have been heavy on my mind and my heart … I’ve been trying to connect to the motherland for a minute, but I never got a chance to do it properly. When I say properly, I mean in a soulful spiritual way. “But during this time we’ve had off, God blessed me to get a call from my brother @BurnaBoy.

“He’s the first African artist I’ve been blessed to work with and he didn’t know this but at the time I was praying to God to bring something to me that would help to bring us all together through music.”

Diddy went further by calling on Africans to uplift and build each other. “I think it’s so important we all make it our mission to build a bridge to the motherland. Let’s continue to uplift and build with our brothers and sisters. It’s what THEY fear the most… Strength in numbers. Love, your brother Diddy. See y’all soon! #BlackUnity #TWICEASTALL.” Burna boy’s latest album “Twice As Tall” was has Diddy as the executive producer.

Have you listened to any of the tracks from the “Twice as Tall” Album? Please go on and listen, thank me later.


Ilupeju B