Africa In The Square

30 Oct 2018

Africa is a place that can polarise opinion in so many facets. From its vast resources and what to do with them, its history and the reasons why in some eyes it’s not as prosperous as it could be, to its personal feeling towards someone, whether they should represent it or try to hide their origins. But on Saturday 27th October, Africa was loud and proud, taking over Trafalgar Square in full force and people drove out in their thousands.

From authentic foods, stands for everyone in the family and music that enticed the people passing or already there, it was a wonderful occasion. An initiative that has been running for the past 5 years, it is something that London and Sadiq Khan are trying to push and the need to celebrate diversity becomes ever closer.

It was great to see such stands as The Voice turn out with a cast that was just as vocal as the main stage itself, introducing me to Britain’s First Black Newspaper. Jollof FC was there providing wonderful initiatives for our kids to get into sports and be more active. On top of this you had an endless amount of food and fashion stalls had the people bouncing between stalls.

As an African man myself, I am always so elated to see Africa portrayed in such a positive light. From our clothing, mannerisms, music and culture, we should be very proud of where we come from and things like Africa in the square only enhance this. Next time though, I just hope some African Weather comes and joins us too.

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