Africa and the unusual Covid-19 dip: cause for worry and excitement?

28 Apr 2021

Hi Folks,

It’s been a while, my phone the virus and the struggle is on as I write. I hope you have been keeping safe.

I am worried, no! I am actually scared. Yes, scared after seeing the figures from India.

On Monday, India experienced a spike; recording about 350,000 new cases of Covid-19 infection. This sort of spike in the case of India calls for concern, and indeed the world is running around to offer help.

Now my cause for worry, when the worst hit zones were running around in the frenzy to get treatment or vaccines; India was already chilling because the numbers we coming down.

The dip then was attributed to high resistance and superb immunity. What then changed?

There is no perfect answer but a major concern that we should, as Africans look into is the throwing of caution to the wind.

Everyone started going about their businesses as if the virus had been completely eradicated.

The fear is that Africa is following the same trajectory. You can hardly find people wearing masks, nor keeping social  distance as required by the Covid-19 protocols.

Credit: Accelerate TV

Findings show that, many refused to go for the vaccines citing different conspiracy theories as their reasons. Some were double sure of the potency of the herbal concoctions they take.

Some even believe that the vaccines deployed to Nigeria were substandard.

Of the 4 million vaccines the federal government of Nigeria took delivery of, less than 50% of the vaccines have been administered and the gatherings are increasing by the day.

The numbers may be dropping but the case of India calls for a reawakening, among all and sundry; from individuals to governments, there is need for re-orientation so that we can avoid a recurrence of what is happening in India in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

The vaccine like any other medication comes with possible side effects and so far, they have been within tolerable limits.

When I took my jab for instance, I had the same effects as I had when I got the meningitis vaccine a couple of years ago. A bunch of other people said they didn’t experience any side effects.

Please spread the gospel, the vaccines pose no danger to you nor anyone for that matter; besides the nurses will always ask about your health history before administering the vaccine.

There are a bunch of other challenges confronting the world and allowing the pandemic take us by surprise the second time may not be the best of experiences.

Pass the message and not the virus; that bit can definitely help save the world and it an act of kindness that posterity will appreciate.


Ilupeju B